HypEd Rides was founded in 2022 by one of Melbourne's biggest e-enthusiasts, Terry Alexiadis

Terry's love and passion for PEVs, or plug-in electric vehicles, began with various custom-built bikes, and progressed into scooters. He loved the feeling of freedom and relaxation, the ease of use, and riding with other enthusiasts. Unfortunately passion doesn't stop things going wrong, and he encountered pretty much every single mechanical problem that could happen along the way. The lack of information and help available in this space, combined with inexperienced retailers, meant that he was mostly on his own. With the popularity of PEVs growing, Terry wanted to help continue building a strong, supportive community and give a better user experience to other enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Terry's vision was to stock the best commuter and high performance electric rides available, and he's working with an extensive list of overseas distributors and manufacturers to bring unique and custom forms of sustainable transport to Australia. All of this had to be available in a brick-and-mortar store where customers can see, trial, and make direct comparisons in one place before they invest in these amazing machines. Ranging from kids or beginner adults to seasoned pros looking for a custom-built hyper scooter for racing, he wanted to make it possible for family and friends to enjoy PEVs together.

Of course, once you have your electric ride, the next thing to do is upgrade and personalise it - so naturally the store needs to supply these accessories, and have experts available to help you bring your dream to life. Finally, to help you out when things go wrong (or if you just don't feel like changing yet another tube), the store must have its own service department run by expert mechanics, who will get you back out there for a fair price.

One of Terry's main considerations was an accessible location for the store - if you have a flat or a busted motor, you need to be able to get it in for repairs even if you don't have a car.

All HypEd Rides have been tested and reviewed by both experienced high-performance e-connoisseurs and more "sedate" riders to ensure we only stock the best features, quality, and high performance for our customers. HypEd Rides supports frequent group rides and community events, so we're always on the ground to hear feedback and ideas, ensuring we're keeping our range high quality and up-to-date.

Thanks for reading - we're looking forward to helping you find your HypEd Ride!.


Why should you consider a HypEd Ride?

At HypEd Rides, we're passionate about reducing the environmental impact of traditional transportation options (we're looking at you, cars). We believe PEVs are the future for commuting and enjoying life. Why sit in traffic when you can feel the wind in your face? To this end, HypEd Rides are working with government agencies around Australia to help them see the benefits of these electric rides over the negatives which the media tend to showcase. Yes, this can be a risky sport, and as always, HypEd Rides promotes safe riding - make sure to gear up; dress for the slide, not the ride.

Did you know that riding an e-scooter can benefit your mental health? Aside from a feeling of absolute freedom, riders have reported feeling relaxed while riding, de-stressed after riding, and that riding clears their mind of negative thoughts and feelings in general. Terry reflects: "When I ride, I feel free, relieved, and I forget all my day-to-day worries. It takes complete focus and being at one with your surroundings to truly connect with your machine and the road. Whether you're on the track leaning intensely into a corner at high speed, or cruising at 10 km/h, ultimately the feeling is the same; it's an indescribable sense of peace and freedom, leaving you feeling completely relaxed." It's been a difficult few years, so mental health benefits that come with owning your own electric ride can only be a good thing!

The Victorian, Australian and global e-community is fantastic. Whether you're looking for a hobby just for you or you're keen on group rides and family events, you'll be part of a brilliant group of like-minded enthusiasts who are always willing to help you out with questions and advice, or just reminisce about that one really awesome ride