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    Nami scooters have arrived in Melbourne, Australia! Nami crafts high-end e-scooters with the aim of bringing ground-breaking technological advancements to personal electric vehicles (PEVs). Made with the PEV connoisseurs and enthusiasts in mind, Nami scooters are all about high performance and optimising the riding experience. 

    Nami’s Burn-E scooter is an innovative PEV featuring an intelligent dashboard that allows you to switch between five different driving modes. For a smooth and stable driving experience, Burn-E scooters have hydraulic coil suspensions, hydraulic brakes, and a strong tubular aluminium frame. They are also waterproof, making them suitable for wet conditions. 

    Don’t miss the opportunity to ride one of the most innovative e-scooters in Australia!

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    The HypEd Rides team is also passionate about reducing the harmful effects of traditional transportation. As such, we always make sure that the PEVs that we stock are eco-friendly.

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