Dualtron Electric Scooters Australia


    Dualtron offers some of the best electric scooters available in Melbourne and across Australia. Whether you’re after an affordable e-scooter or a high-end personal electric vehicle, Dualtron has you covered. Using cutting edge technology, these e-scooters can provide users with unmatched comfort, versatility, convenience, and power. 

    When it comes to personal electric vehicles (PEV), safety should always be a top priority. That’s why Dualtron ensures that all products are fitted with top of the line safety features. 

    Across the Dualtron range, you’ll discover features such as rubber and spring suspensions, rear drum brakes, Zoom hydraulic brakes, inflatable tyres, as well as front and rear LED lights. In addition, the more cost-effective scooters feature a 500W single motor, while those at higher price points boast powerful dual motors.

    To make them easier to carry, some of the lower-end e-scooters are constructed using lightweight materials and are designed with an efficient folding system. This means you can store your e-scooter in your car, bring it with you on the train, or easily carry it with you as you need. 

    All the products that we stock are also tested and reviewed by professional riders to ensure that our customers are getting the safe, high-performing, and long-lasting e-scooters.

    HypEd Rides: Your Electric Scooter Shop in Melbourne

    HypEd Rides is Melbourne’s best electric scooter shop. Working with the finest distributors around the world, we’re able to provide Australians with state-of-the-art e-scooters for both experienced riders and eager beginners.

    The HypEd Rides team is also passionate about educating riders about the ins and outs of PEVs. Whether you want to know about the environmental impact of our products or just want to learn about e-scooter maintenance, we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions. 

    If you’re looking for electric scooter sales, repairs or services in Melbourne, the HypEd Rides team has got you covered! You can buy your dream scooter online or visit our store in Brunswick, Victoria.

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